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Leonardo The Complete Paintings Book
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Leonardo The Complete Paintings Book

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Author: Frank Zollner

The California Science Center proudly presents the special exhibition LEONARDO DA VINCI: Inventor. Artist. Dreamer. Step into a world of wonder and innovation as you explore 30 ingenious inventions—including the Flying Bicycle, Great Organ, Mechanical Bat, and Great Kite—each built by contemporary Italian artisans according to da Vinci’s drawings. Mechanical wonders that were once only sketches on paper now stand before you, including over a dozen full-scale models. Marvel at the extraordinary detail of da Vinci’s designs, from the Flying Eagle suspended above with its 33 ft. majestic wingspan to the whimsical Helical Air Screw, each a testament to his visionary spirit and endless curiosity. Test your engineering skills by building da Vinci’s famous self-supporting bridge, climb aboard and operate his paddle boat, and engage in other hands-on science learning activities inside the exhibition.   

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