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Featuring *Exclusive Mission 26: The Big Endeavour Time Lapse Video Footage* (DVD total run time: 140 minutes)

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The feature length documentary (80 min) produced by NASA and narrated by William Shatner examines NASA’s space shuttle program from its inception in the 1970’s to its final space mission in 2011. This DVD also includes over 60 minutes of bonus features such as the exclusive Mission 26: The Big Endeavour 6 minute time lapse video documenting Endeavour’s trek from LAX to the California Science Center through the streets of Inglewood and Los Angeles. Other bonus features include… Endeavour retrospective documentary, Endeavour’s flight through the sky’s over Southern California, Endeavour from liftoff to orbit, Enterprise’s Hudson River Cruise to New York harbor, Discovery’s flight from Florida to Washington.  

DVD format: NTSC

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